A World Elsewhere: Rovinj, Croatia

This is the first of what may become a series of short posts – occasionally just photographs – that recall a world that still exists beyond the window of a locked down room. Although currently beyond reach, there is endless inspiration to be found in the memories of wandering on a foreign strand …

Last summer, sitting in a hotel room in Ljubljana, Slovenia, we pulled the name Rovinj, Croatia out of our imaginary hat of destinations for tomorrow. It was among the best travel decisions we’ve ever made.

Yes, it’s full of tourists in the summer but, away from the laminated menus of the waterfront restaurants, the ancient passageways of the old town are a pure joy to explore.

If you can book the “Captain’s Residence” do not hesitate. Do not look at any other alternatives. Just book it. The price is reasonable and its old town location could not be better. Even if you’ve got heavy bags, the effort to drag them up a couple of flights of stairs is more than worth it. You will not want to leave. We seriously thought of squatting there.

Nick Orchard | 21st April 2020

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